GMO imports face fresh opposition in European Parliament

GMO imports face fresh opposition in European Parliament

The European Parliament on Thursday opposed plans by the European Commission to authorise the import of four GMO products resistant to herbicides containing glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium.

The products are cotton, maize and soya beans that have already been made tolerant to these herbicides. The parliamentarians noted that a number of studies have shown that these genetically modified plants lead to increased herbicide use.

The parliamentarians complained that the commission continued to authorise GMOs in spite of a lack of support from member States and many objections by the European Parliament. “It’s unacceptable for what should be the exception to become the norm,” they stressed.

European Parliament resolutions opposing an autorisation to market GMO foods are usually adopted by a wide margin but are non-binding. The Commission is only obliged to re-examine its decision “taking the expressed positions into account,” and inform the European Parliament to maintain, modify, or withdraw the draft decision.

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