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    Turkish religious affairs seep into Belgian political life

    © Belga
    Coskun Beyazgül confronts head of Brussels Socialists
    © Belga

    The Director of Diyanet Belgium which represents Turkish religious affairs, Coskun Beyazgül, on Facebook confronted head of the Socialists in the Chamber of Deputies, Laurette Onkelinx. Mr. Beyazgül, who is also spokesman of the Coordination Council of Islamic Institutions of Belgium (CIB), spoke out against Onkelinx for having called to order her Deputy of Turkish origin, Emir Kir,  for his controversial comparison of participants in a pro-Kurd protest march in Brussels with the Islamic State organization Daesh.   

    Following a protest march, the Deputy-Mayor of St-Josse had mentioned the presence of representatives of PKK, considered by the European Union to be a terrorist organization. “It is as if a demonstration in favour of Daesh were allowed in Madrid, it would be unbearable for Belgians who had suffered the attacks,” he said. 

    Laurette Onkelinx, Brussels head of the Socialist Party, spoke to Emir Kir, mentioning “unacceptable declarations” and recalling the position of her party, according to which “PKK and Daesh are on the same (terrorist) list although they cannot be compared.” “And why is this?” reacted the representative in Belgium of Turkish religious affairs Coskun Beyazgül. “We therefore make a distinction between ‘bad’ and ‘good’ terrorists depending on whether they commit attacks where we live or elsewhere. And we say that we express solidarity with Turkey in its fight against terrorism…” he added. 

    Jessica Johansson (Source: Belga)