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    Football Leaks – salaries of several Diables Rouges revealed

    © Belga
    Red Devil incomes revealed
    © Belga

    The salaries and contracts of several Diables Rouges (Red Devils) players were revealed today by the Le Soir newspaper, a member of the European Investigative Collaboration network. The facts are within the sphere of Football Leaks, the largest sports information leak. It thus seems that Eden Hazard’s contract with Chelsea, which was for 5 million euros per year, increased to 12.4 million in February 2015, added to which was a bonus of 2.4 million euros thanks to his title of Premier League Player of the Season in 2015.

    It was also revealed that Eden Hazard’s transfer from Lille to Chelsea cost 35 million euros and not 40. De Bruyne makes 7.1 million per year at Manchester City and this amount will increase yearly, reaching 7.7 million in 2021. He will also benefit from a bonus of 955,000 euros if he plays at least 45 minutes in 60% of games this season. 

    It was also known that Toby Alderweireld’s salary at Tottenham is 3.1 million euros, plus bonuses, such as 510,000 euros for image rights, and 6,000 euros for each certification.

    Dries Mertens makes 2.217 million at Naples, Yannick Carrasco had an annual salary of 2 million, but he received an increase to reach 4.5 million with Atlético de Madrid. Divock Origi received 1.8 million euros for signing with Liverpool, who paid 10 million for his transfer from Lille.

    Thomas Vermaelen made 4.15 million euros at FC Barcelona, where he was asked to learn Catalan. He has practically not played at all (due to injuries), but received bonuses of some 600,000 euros thanks to trophies obtained by his Barça teammates. 

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)