Italy reopens its borders on 3 June

Italy reopens its borders on 3 June
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Italy will reopen its borders on 3 June, following a decision taken overnight by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Council of Ministers.

From this date, EU citizens and people living in the Schengen area will be able to travel to Italy, without being placed in quarantine for two weeks.

According to an Italian government press release, the decision could however change based on how the "epidemiological risk" evolves.

Until now, travel to Italy has been restricted to Italians living abroad or foreigners who live in the country wanting to return, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A border reopening in early summer is good news for the country's tourism sector, one of the most important sectors in the country.

With 32,000 deaths Italy has been severely affected by the coronavirus, the third highest figure behind the US and UK.

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