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    Statue of pharaoh Sahure found at Elkab site by Belgian team

    A team of archaeologists from MRAH (Royal Museums of Art and History) discovered a statue of the pharaoh Sahure at an excavation site in Elkab in the south of Egypt, revealed the cultural institution in a press release on Monday. The statue of the seated king was found inside a double wall of the city built at the end of the Ancient Empire period. Professor John Coleman Darnell (Yale University) and Dr. Luc Delvaux (MRAH) used remaining inscriptions to confirm that the king sitting on a throne was indeed pharaoh Sahure from the 5th dynasty (approximately 2458-2446 BC). To date, only 2 statues have been confirmed as being of Sahure. They are at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and at the Cairo Museum. The pharaoh is well known for his pyramid, his funeral temple, and his temple in the Abusir royal necropolis valley.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)