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    Thousands of hotels fall victim to scam by Belgian radio host


    A Belgian radio host from Lontzen has allegedly ripped off thousands of European hotels, according to information published in SudPresse newspapers on Monday. The man used Ebay to sell hotel vouchers that had been gifted in exchange for an interview advertising the hotels being broadcast on the radio.

    A Swiss hotel owner got wise to the scam and reported it to the Valais hotel association, which then filed an official complaint with the local police.

    According to Swiss daily Le Matin, the Belgian has allegedly used his Ebay account to sell over 6,000 one-night stays for two since 2005. “I’ve done the figures and he made over 400,000 euros selling these vouchers,’ pointed out Louis Papadopoulos, who brought the scam to light.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)