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    Netherlands: major police raid near Belgian border


    Dutch police conducted a huge law enforcement operation near a barn at the Belgian border on Monday afternoon, revealed Dutch media, adding that two people had been arrested. Police went to Susteren, a village 30 kilometres north of Maastricht (south-east), following a “suspicious fire” in a barn near the A2 motorway, said the Dutch news agency ANP.

    A bomb disposal team was on site at the request of the police force, pointed out a Dutch military spokesperson to ANP, while giving no further details. Local television videos show over ten police vehicles and a helicopter were there as well.

    The A2 was closed both ways. The bomb disposal team also used a robot to inspect a car found on the A2 hard shoulder. One of the suspects arrested was stripped before being led away in a police vehicle, according to ANP.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)