“Nuit Debout” protesters once again take over the Mont des Arts for global action
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    “Nuit Debout” protesters once again take over the Mont des Arts for global action

    The “Nuit Debout” (Night Awake) organisation once again took over the Mont des Arts, this time for the global action “Global Debout” (or “World Awake”). The latter was held to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Spanish citizen movement known as the Indignés (the so-called “Indignants movement”)

    During “Global Debout”, the specified day of action for “Nuit Debout”, public places in 130 urban areas in 28 countries were taken by storm simply to demonstrate peacefully and debate. The citizen movement “Nuit Debout” desires that the population reappropriates public spaces and, once again, has a voice.

    Four working groups were organised on Sunday at the Mont des Arts, with themes such as communication of and around “Nuit Debout d’Europe” (which translates as “European Night Awake”). The proposals which came out of these working groups were debated and voted upon during a general meeting, at which around 200 people participated. Belgium and European subjects, such as the Peeters law (on working hours) and the Trans-Atlantic Treaty  TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) were also discussed.

    “We are not silent and we are not simply here for a pleasant chat. We are very much alive and we wish to make ourselves heard across the whole of Europe and raise people’s awareness of what is going on around them.” So indicated a “Nuit Debout” spokesman.

    “Nuit Debout” originated on March 31st on the Place de la République in Paris to protest against reforms to French employment law.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)