'Naya' the wild Belgian wolf has 'most certainly' given birth to cubs

'Naya' the wild Belgian wolf has 'most certainly' given birth to cubs

Experts are almost certain that “Naya”, a wild wolf in Flanders, has given birth, a spokesperson from Natuur en Bos, the Flemish agency for nature and forests, confirmed today.
Based on images dating from 23 and 24 April, it was clear that the wolf was ready to give birth. Since over a week, the wild wolf has not been seen. Experts are certain that “Naya” has given birth to wolf cubs, which would according to them be the reason for why she has not been spotted for several days.   

"From the moment she gives birth, it makes sense that we wouldn’t see her anymore," said Marie-Laure Vanwanseele, spokesperson at Natuur en Bos. "This is our conclusion based on video surveillance images from last week."

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The Flemish agency does not want to seek the wolf and her cubs. The experts explain that she must be left alone under calm conditions. However, the cubs are expected to appear within a few months. "We have cameras in the area and we expect to have pictures of the cubs early in the summer," added Vanwanseele.

The agency also emphasizes that preventive measures are needed to protect sheep, now that the young are born. "The food needs are now a bit bigger, and “August” (the cubs' father) has to provide food for the whole pack."

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