New cookbook aims to bring Cara Pils into the kitchen

New cookbook aims to bring Cara Pils into the kitchen
Illustration photo of the cook book. Credit: Koken met Cara Pils/ Canva

A new cookbook aims to bring one of Belgium's more studenty beers into the culinary world, promising 26 recipes made using "the divine drink called 'Cara Pils'."

Created by recent graduate Dorian Coppenrath, the tongue in cheek book covers dishes from breakfast to dinner, all made using inexpensive pale lager.

'Every student remembers it like yesterday. His or her first lukewarm Cara Pils on a muddy festival ground,' the website explains. 'The best time of our lives. A student at heart will always cherish the beautiful moments with this premium Belgian beer.'

The book, which says it was written for students by students, promises to be perfect for 'the true lovers of a fresh, lukewarm or scorching hot Cara Pils.'

Featuring recipes from 'Pasta Carabonara' and 'Chili Con Cara', the book has already sold out of its first print run, with a second expected for early 2022.

'For many, Cara Pils is known as the liquid gold that accompanied us in our student years. Like no other, this beer has created legendary moments that other household brands can only dream of. (Whether these moments are something to look back on with pride, I will leave to one side).'

At present, the book only exists in Dutch. Its authors insist that the recipes work only with Cara Pils, no substitute beer. Anyone who makes something from the book is encouraged to share their creation on social media.

What is Cara Pils? 

Brewed since 1980 in various breweries, the beer is synonymous with student life thanks to its low price and wide availability. Where exactly the beer is produced remains a closely-guarded secret, but it is almost ubiquitous in night shops and Colruyt stores across the country.

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