Hidden Belgium: Vaux Hall Summer

Hidden Belgium: Vaux Hall Summer

A narrow cobbled lane next to the Théâtre du Parc in Brussels leads to the forgotten Vaux Hall.

Hidden among tall trees, this curious green lattice arcade was begun in 1913, along with an elegant music kiosk, but not completed until 1921. Inspired by the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London, it was originally an elegant venue for open-air concerts.

The kiosk was eventually taken over as a private residence, while the delicate arcade gradually rotted away. Finally, the city brought in skilled craftsmen from the Vosges region of France to restore the wood and metal structure.

Completed in 2017, the Vaux Hall is now the setting for a wonderful summer festival.

Held every weekend until 14 August, the festival features concerts, dance workshops, movies, food trucks and kids activities.

Check the website vauxhallsummer.brussels to find out more.

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