Spotify and EasyJet to use music preferences to suggest holiday destinations

Spotify and EasyJet to use music preferences to suggest holiday destinations
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You may have only just got back from your last vacation but there’s nothing wrong with planning your next one. In fact, psychologists say that it is an important way of getting over the anxiety and dip in mood that comes from the return to work. Setting pleasurable future goals can help raise your positivity.

But where to go next and what to do? You may be out of ideas right now but fear not, according to Spotify, your music tastes can help determine where your next holiday could be.

The music streaming giant has just partnered with EasyJet to develop destination recommendations based on our musical tastes.

The collaboration between EasyJet and Spotify seems almost natural given the importance music has on flights as a way to pass the time on the way to your destination. However, the partnership between these two companies is indeed a first. Together, they have developed a concept based on the idea that music preferences can influence our choice of destinations.

If you like chilled-out, lounge playlists, why not plan your next holiday on a beach on the east coast of Sardinia, away from the crowds? If you prefer punchy music with a fast tempo, why not look at a Greek hotel in the south of the island of Mykonos?

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Through preferences entered into the airline’s website while searching, an algorithm will generate destinations according to the musical tastes stated. And with each attempt, we get new ideas for getaways. The connection to Spotify, presuming you have an account, also allows the site to analyse the last music you listened to. Artificial intelligence scrutinises both the tempo and the energy of the song and suggests destinations based on this information.

Called "listen and book", the concept has just been launched in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy, with other countries such as Belgium expected to follow soon. Not only does the site propose different trips, but the platform also provides information about musical events related to the destinations generated.

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