Hidden Belgium: Jackie

Hidden Belgium: Jackie

‘Hi,’ a reader wrote, ‘You should take a look at Jackie on Chaussée de Charleroi. It’s a lovely local cafe with indie magazines and delicious cakes and a small but creative lunch menu. I think you will like it.’

So off I went on a rainy morning. The cafe is on a busy Brussels street with old mansions, trendy restaurants and trams rolling past. The coffee menu is impressive. Flip it over, and there is also a ‘Not Coffee’ menu on the back. The drinks are served on an elegant wooden tray. You can add a slice of homemade cake, if you want.

The interior is quite small. It quickly fills up. A lot of laptop nomads working on screens. But Jackie tries to persuade its customers to pick up a magazine from the racks on the wall. They have an inspiring range of design and lifestyle titles including Monocle, Drift, Delayed Gratification and The Brussels Times.

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