Fuse: Petition to save historic Brussels club reaches 40,000 signatures

Fuse: Petition to save historic Brussels club reaches 40,000 signatures
Credit: The Brussels Times / Ugo Realfonzo

Following the announcement that Fuse was going to be closing its doors, a petition launched by the Brussels By Night Federation has now racked up 40,000 signatures.

On Thursday night, the news broke that Fuse would be shutting down after 29 years of organising parties in the Belgian capital. The club has enjoyed international prestige and has hosted some of the biggest names in electronic music over nearly three decades.

As the story of the closure broke, the cultural sector responded with fervent condemnation, arguing the nightclub was a cultural heritage institution for Brussels, Belgium but also the clubbing world – having attracted many “techno tourists” over the years.

“It is clear that the closing of Fuse Club and the parties that it hosts also has an impact on the local economy, foreign tourism and Brussels cultural life,” Fuse said in a statement.

The closure is the result of a new 2am curfew and strict sound regulation imposed by the Brussels-Capital Region, following a dispute with a neighbour. The new rules would make the club’s ability to operate impossible, in a sector which has already faced years of disruptions due to the pandemic.

“The reason for this decision is the complaints from a neighbour who bought an adjacent house some years ago. Although significant isolation works have been executed, and a compromise has been intensively worked on, this hasn’t solved the issue,” Fuse stated.

“It is very regrettable that an iconic club gathering thousands of music lovers and artists, employing 10 people during the week and 80 employees during the weekend, is put at stake because of one neighbour,” the statement read.

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The case has also gained international traction, with the story of Fuse’s closure having been reported in dance music media organisations Mixmag, Resident Advisor and DJ Mag.

The petition organisers, the Brussels By Night Federation, were also very active during the pandemic in lobbying for better protection of nightlife businesses affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Fuse has filed an appeal against the decision at the Milieucollege/ Collège d’Environnement. A decision is expected by January 25th.

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