Alexandre D'hoore
Alexandre D'hoore is a young entrepreneur based in the Antwerp area. Before moving back to Belgium in 2012, he lived in the United States. He has advanced degrees in linguistics, EU studies and management.
The housing crisis paradox: How the Citizens of Brussels are Reclaiming Unused Space
Brussels has about 6.5 million square metres of unused real-estate space. Office buildings, abandoned lots, vacant houses and unleased apartments make up what is effectively usable space. Some of these vacancies are due to the natural ebb and flow of landlords finding leasers or developing new projects. Other vacancies are kept empty artificially by property […]
Thursday, 29, November 2018
The Fall and Rise of the Belgian Brewery
At the turn of the 20th century, there were approximately 3,200 breweries in Belgium.
Wednesday, 04, July 2018
How Belgium’s declining art & culture sector is reinventing itself
There is an expression among creatives that only two types of professionals are unprotected by the system in Belgium: Artists and Prostitutes.
Wednesday, 18, April 2018
Death and the Miser: Is there a Euthanasia debate in Belgium?
The 2008 euthanization of European literary icon Hugo Claus, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, spurred a debate in Flanders, where 80% of Belgium’s euthanasia requests are received.
Tuesday, 10, April 2018
The Renaissance of Molenbeek
It’s been two years since the attacks that made Molenbeek-St-Jean infamous.
Monday, 19, February 2018
Is Belgium’s real estate bubble about to burst?
The Belgian housing market is in a unique position, in that never has housing cost so much, in both real and nominal terms.
Wednesday, 14, February 2018