Alicja Gescinska
Alicja Gescinska is a Belgian-Polish philosopher and novelist. 
The architectural destruction of Brussels: Incompetent decision-making and the rise of ‘Brusselization’
A picture of a horribly renovated house in Brussels recently went viral on social media. Nothing spectacular, one might think. Each day numerous pictures go viral, but the next day they are forgotten. This one however, continued to linger in my mind, as it tells the story of more than just one house. It is […]
Thursday, 25, April 2019
A warning for democracy, not a eulogy
‘A blow of the hammer.’ That is how Dutch writer and essayist Bas Heijne captured the sentiment prevailing among many Dutch after the recent elections. Forum for Democracy (FvD) came out of the Provincial States elections as the country’s biggest party. FvD is a text-book, right-wing populist party. Many fear we are witnessing the end […]
Tuesday, 02, April 2019
Too Cynical to Care? How we ended up in an age of cynicism and the damage it has brought
Are we living in an age of cynicism? Surely it must be too cynical a statement to answer that question affirmatively. Yet scrolling through one’s feed on social media, one cannot help but wonder: maybe we are. Whenever people engage for a cause they deem worth fighting for, others seem excessively eager to display their […]
Friday, 08, February 2019
Gender inequality in Belgian politics
“If all men are born equal, how is it that all women are born slaves?”
Thursday, 08, November 2018
Why Music at School Matters: The decline of music in Belgian schools and the need to revive it
As September and the start of a new school year begins, the time seems right to reflect on a subject that is dramatically absent from the curriculum: music.
Thursday, 06, September 2018
Freedom of speech without freedom of thought: Fake news, alternative truths and polarised opinions
The fact that nothing occurs, can sometimes be quite an occurrence. The recent lecture of NV-A politician, Theo Francken, at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) is a case in point.
Monday, 11, June 2018