Council sides with cultural sector: Covid measures are ‘disproportionate’

Council sides with cultural sector: Covid measures are ‘disproportionate’
Credit: Belga

The Belgian Council of State has suspended the closure of the cultural sector.

According to the court, the decision to shutdown the sector is “disproportionate” and “the measure is not based on adequate grounds,” VRT reports.

The suspension is provisional, which means it’s effective immediately until a decision is made on the merits.

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New measures from the Consultative Committee in regards to the spread of the coronavirus in Belgium effectively shut down the cultural sector last week, ordering cultural halls and cinemas to close beginning 26 December.

Several organisations in the sector took the matter to court, arguing that the restrictions were discriminatory because they didn’t apply to other sectors, like food and hospitality.

The council has agreed, suspending the measure to close the indoor spaces of establishments belonging to the cultural sector, which was imposed by a Royal Decree on 23 December.

They say the closure is not supported by adequate reasons, rejecting the argument that attending cultural events is particularly dangerous to public health.

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