Coronavirus: Flemish schools get new orders

Coronavirus: Flemish schools get new orders
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All Flemish schools received new guidelines on Wednesday relating to the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

While classes remain suspended until 3 April and sick children must stay at home, schools and boarding schools should stay open in order to accommodate a few key groups of children.

Three groups of students in particular need taking care of: children whose parents work in key sectors such as health and security, socially or medically vulnerable children, and those with difficult family situations. Parents who can work from home are encouraged to keep their children in.

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These guidelines were communicated following a “constructive dialogue” of Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts with the education sector and social partners, according to his cabinet. 

The Ministry of Education also reminds schools of the current guidelines surrounding hygiene and social distancing and encourage open-air activities as they “limit the risk of infection.” The guidelines also remind schools that it is not a good idea for kids to mingle with people over the age of 65, as those in that age group “have a higher risk of serious illness.”

Meanwhile, classes in Wallonia and Brussels have also been suspended, as can be read on the portal site for education in Wallonia and Brussels.

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