Belgian universities offer language crash courses to Ukrainian students

Belgian universities offer language crash courses to Ukrainian students
Credit: ULB

Universities and colleges around Belgium have launched crash courses in Dutch, French and English for Ukrainian students, aiming to prepare them to continue their studies in Belgium.

French-speaking university ULB in Brussels is offering French and English crash courses to Ukrainians as part of their ‘Help Ukraine’ campaign and VUB has launched the #PeaceForUkraine initiative, organising debates and fundraisers.

Meanwhile, Leuven has prepared a crash course in interpreting for those speaking both Dutch and Ukrainian or Russian, aiming to improve their translation skills.

Integrating students

In Antwerp, various colleges and universities have prepared language crash courses lasting 8 weeks, while also giving students the opportunity to get to know the city and their fellow Flemish students.

“A lot of activities have already been planned, especially in the afternoon,” says Peter De Meyer of the University of Antwerp. “A speed date, for example, with Flemish students. This way they can also build a network here in Antwerp. If you get to know people, the rest will also go a lot more smoothly.”

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14 students have already started in Antwerp, and more will be able to begin their language courses in the coming weeks. Participating students are tested for their level of English beforehand.

Annemie Schaus, the rector of ULB, adds: “The University organises the support of the numerous initiatives emanating from the members of its community in favour of Ukrainian refugees. The ULB is proud and grateful for this surge of solidarity which is in line with its values and its tradition.”

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