Wallonia-Brussels Federation schools to improve toilet sanitary conditions

Wallonia-Brussels Federation schools to improve toilet sanitary conditions
Credit: Ne tournons pas autour du pot ("Let's not beat around the bush" campaign)

To make toilets more welcoming and sanitary, 29 schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation will receive €144,890 in funding from the BYX Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

The foundation points out that some conditions in secondary school toilets, such as questionable hygiene, foul odours, dilapidated facilities, missing equipment and difficult access, can have an adverse effect on pupils’ health as they may not use the toilet regularly or refrain from drinking enough water.

Therefore, this investment is not only an investment in the facilities but also in pupils’ health.

Tweet translation: "Discover the kingdom of the toilet! A great project by IMP René Thône in La Louvière! Makes you want to go to the toilet, doesn't it?"

The BYX Fund, alongside the non-profit organisation Question Santé, has been encouraging schools to submit their projects aimed at the improvement of toilet facilities since 2013 with the “Let’s not beat around the bush” campaign. Since the start of the initiative, 346 primary and secondary schools have benefitted from more than €1.6 million in funding.

Now, 29 more schools will join them, with each selected project potentially receiving up to €5,000.

The selected schools will highlight the importance of combining material improvements with organisational considerations, like management of toilet paper and soap, and awareness-raising activities for the importance of hygiene and privacy.

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