Belgium in Brief: What does the average Belgian earn?

Belgium in Brief: What does the average Belgian earn?
Credit: Belga

Have you ever wondered how your monthly wage compares to that of people in other professions?

Thanks to the latest analysis of salaries across economic sectors by Belgium's statistics office Statbel, it is possible to quickly see where your sector falls on the scale of high versus low wages.

To no one's surprise, the highest-paid people in Belgium are directors of large companies, as CEOs earn 180% more than the average Belgian employee – who earns an average gross salary of €3,832 per month.

Waiters and bartenders, on the other hand, earn 36% below that average gross salary. The monthly salaries of the ten most and the ten least paid professions can be found in the graphs here, ranging from ICT managers and lawyers all the way to hairdressers and woodworkers.

The figures also revealed that the median Belgian wage is €3,550 with the largest group of all employees earning between €2,000 and €4,250 gross per month.

So, where do you fall? Are you good where you are now, or have you started considering a career switch? Let @Maajtee know.

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