Google Street View cars return to Belgian roads

Google Street View cars return to Belgian roads
Credit: Belga

Google Street View vehicles will be circulating across Belgium over the next three months, the Belgian subsidiary of the US technology giant said Friday, confirming information from VRT.

The images will be put online at the end of this year.

The Street View service, a Google Maps function that allows virtual walks on the streets of the world, was launched in 2007 and Belgium was first travelled in 2009.

The six Street View cars started their journey on Belgian roads from this Friday to update the existing images, which date from 2017. "We are making regular updates in the 87 countries where we are active," said Michiel Sallaets, spokesman for Google Belgium. "The world isn't frozen, there are constantly buildings, restaurants, etc. being added."

The vehicles will drive around the country for about three months, until the beginning of October. They will photograph the 150,000 kilometres of public roads. Afterwards, the images will be reworked and the license plates and faces will be blurred. The pictures will be online by the end of the year or early 2021.

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