Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth completes her military training

Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth completes her military training
Credit: Belga

Belgian Crown Princess Elisabeth (19) is in the final days of her training year at the Royal Military Academy (KMS) and is currently participating in a summer camp to hone her military skills in Arlon.

The tactical training to sharpen the students' skills and techniques, in the military camp Lagland in Arlon, lasts 24 days, and is both practical and theoretical.

For Princess Elisabeth, this is the final phase of her one-year training, which is why members of the Belgian press were invited to follow along for a morning.

After an obstacle course, Princess Elisabeth walked up to the press unplanned, thanking them for their presence so early in the morning.

"I am used to getting up so early," she said. "I have had to adjust a lot here, but I have enjoyed it enormously."

Like the other student officers, Princess Elisabeth sleeps on an air mattress in an individual tent. They rise at 6:00 AM.

By the end of the camp, the pupils should be able to clear the 20 obstacles of the course easily, using the correct technique they were taught on Friday.

The camp will last for about another three weeks, but will be briefly interrupted on 21 July, for the National Day parade. Crown Prince Elisabeth will parade together with the other student officers.

What Elisabeth will do after her one-year course at the Royal Military Academy, is not yet known.

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