Operation Sky ECC: more arrests in organised crime network

Operation Sky ECC: more arrests in organised crime network
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Two men were arrested last week in new investigations stemming from the cracking of the encrypted messaging service Sky ECC, which Belgian authorities used to infiltrate organised crime networks.

The latest cases are related to abuse of access to protected databases, according to De Standaard.

One involves a 22-year-old man from the province of Antwerp who worked for a bailiff's office, the Antwerp public prosecutor's office said.

He stands accused of misusing his position to look for personal details of people who were in a vulnerable position and could therefore be an easy target for criminal drug organisations.

During a search of the suspect’s home, marijuana, cocaine and €15,000 in cash were found.

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“The facts are qualified as membership of a criminal organisation, public bribery, embezzlement by officials, violation of professional secrecy and drug trafficking,” said a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office.

The second case involves a 26-year-old man also from Antwerp who is accused of participation in a criminal organisation and external hacking.

From information obtained in the Sky ECC investigation, the man was linked to illegal searches in the national register, which the man’s ex-girlfriend had access to via her position as an employee of a residential care centre.

The Antwerp Federal Judicial Police arrested the man last Thursday on the orders of the examining magistrate. His ex-girlfriend was brought before the court earlier and released on conditions.

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