Five care homes added to Care Inspectorate’s blacklist

Five care homes added to Care Inspectorate’s blacklist
Reports into residential care homes will be made available. Credit: Belga

Twelve residential care homes and one complex of service flats are now on the Care Inspectorate's 'black list,' a designation reserved only for those with a large number of serious shortcomings.

In one of the instances, the Clos Bizet residential care home in Anderlecht failed to report a murder to the Health and Care Agency (Zorg en Gezondheid), reports De Standaard.

Clos Bizet has been on the blacklist for some time, but five new homes have been added for the first time. A recurring theme in almost all the blacklisted care facilities is an alarming shortage of staff.

Extreme shortcomings needed to make the blacklist

A nursing home is put on the blacklist only when 'repeated problems' are observed. If there is no improvement, Zorg en Gezondheid can, in extreme cases, close down the care home or revoke its accreditation. This rarely, if ever, happens.

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Inspection services have visited Clos Bizet eight times, and yet issues persist: most of the staff have zero knowledge of the Dutch language, the temperature of the medication storage room was 28.7 degrees, the terrace was covered in cigarette butts, “people were urinating in corners,” a toilet was “stained with feces,” and foul odors permeated communal toilets.

In Bormanshof in Hoeselt, there were often interns working the night shift, which is not allowed.

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