Belgium gains eight new millionaires after EuroMillions draw

Belgium gains eight new millionaires after EuroMillions draw
Seven of Belgium's eight winners have come forward with one still unknown. Credit: Belga

Belgium now numbers eight more millionaires thanks to the EuroMillions draw that took place on 21 January – a particularly lucrative edition that has been dubbed the "Shower of Millionaires".

In addition to the usual draw, 100 lucky winners were drawn from the nine participating countries to receive €1 million. In Belgium, there were eight of these winners, Belga News Agency reported. The other participating countries are: the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Of these eight Belgians, seven have been identified: four women and three men. All are aged over 40 and came forward after the National Lottery. Two are from Wallonia and the other five from Flanders.

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The National Lottery has issued a call for people to carefully check the "MyBonus code" on their tickets to see whether they might be Belgium's eighth lucky winner.

Up to 100 million people buy tickets for the EuroMillions lottery, which has two draws per week. The cost of a ticket is €2.50.

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