Brussels Airport expects nearly one million passengers during Easter holidays

Brussels Airport expects nearly one million passengers during Easter holidays
Credit: Brussels Airport

Traffic at Brussels Airport continues to increase as countries relax their Covid-19 measures, with the airport now expecting over 900,000 travellers during the Easter holidays.

With the Easter holidays (from Friday 1 April to Sunday 17 April), the summer season officially kicks off for the travel sector, mainly for sunny city-trip destinations such as Rome, Barcelona and Lisbon.

"Friday 1 April will be the busiest departure day with about 33,500 departing passengers (and 24,000 arriving passengers)," the company said in a press release.

With over 900,000 expected passengers, the airport is back to nearly 70% of regular passenger numbers (about 1.3 million in 2019) in the same period before the Covid-19 crisis. Last year – when non-essential travel was still banned – only 138,000 passengers took a flight during the Easter holidays.

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"This year, Easter Monday falls just after the two weeks of Easter holidays, on 18 April," the company said. "This will be a busy travel day with an additional 57,000 departing and arriving passengers."

Additionally, the number of last-minute bookings with airlines is again high for this holiday period. The most popular destinations in Europe this year are Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Frankfurt and Vienna, while intercontinental flights are mainly going to New York, Dubai and Washington.

The Easter holidays also mark the start of summer flights to popular destinations such as the Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Additionally, the departures hall has been decorated with a giant bouquet of spring flowers for the occasion, and Easter bunnies will be handing out Easter eggs to passengers.

Passengers can check online at what time they should arrive at the airport for their flight by filling out their travel details on

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