Telenet subscriptions will become 4.7% more expensive in June

Telenet subscriptions will become 4.7% more expensive in June
Telenet headquarters. Credit: Belga

From 19 June 2022, telecom company Telenet will adjust its fixed monthly subscription rates by 4.7% as a result of high inflation, the company announced on Wednesday.

The price rise will apply to the fixed, monthly subscription charges for internet, digital and cable television, mobile and fixed telephony, according to a press release.

"We always take the current economic situation into account," the company said. "We are adjusting our prices due to high inflation, which affects labour costs, energy and technology equipment prices, among others."

The previous price increase only dates back to August 2021, when it was 1%. In recent years, Telenet says it has been following the health index, which is also used to index rent and benefits, for example. However, the health index is now much higher at 4.7%, which is why Telenet has "strategically looked at what would be a correct increase," the company said.

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In practice, the price rise can come down to several euros extra per month: for example, the ONE subscription is rising from €66 to €69.1 per month, and All-Internet from €55.1 to €57.68 per month. Telenet Mobile is becoming €0.94 more expensive per month.

However, some rates will not change, including those of the BASE subscriptions, Streamz and Play Sports entertainment packages and rates for consumption outside the bundles.

Affected customers will be informed personally in the coming weeks. An overview of all new prices from June can be found here.

Telenet is not the only one

Telenet is not the only telecom company whose prices are rising, as competitors Proximus and Orange have both also announced price increases this year.

For Proximus, the prices of its popular telecom bundles Flex and Epic and the Business Flex packs will increase from Sunday 1 May. For Flex and Epic, it concerns increases of more than 6%. The entry-level subscription for fixed Internet, however, will become slightly cheaper.

Three weeks ago, Orange announced that a range of mobile subscriptions will become more expensive from 1 June (even though data volumes will also be increased), as will out-of-bundle usage and international calls. Some prices for fixed services will also go up.

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