'De-Putinise the world': Ukraine urges Belgium to change Russian embassy addresses

'De-Putinise the world': Ukraine urges Belgium to change Russian embassy addresses
Credit: Ukraine Street/Twitter

The 'Ukraine Street' project is calling on Belgium and the world to make Ukraine a part of its capital cities by changing the addresses of Russian embassies and consulates to Ukraine streets.

The Ukrainian project is urging Belgian residents to sign petitions to rename three streets in Brussels and one in Antwerp as a symbolic show of support to respond to Russia’s attempts to effectively wipe Ukraine off the map.

"Forcing Russian embassies around the globe to be located on Ukraine Streets is part of our worldwide effort to isolate Russia and 'de-Putinise' the world," said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

He said that if Russians have to read the name ‘Ukraine’ everywhere and anytime, it will be "a daily reminder that Ukraine is a sovereign state which will prevail and which will always exist, no matter how hard Russia tries to deny that right."

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In practice, the organisation is urging people to sign petitions to change Avenue De Fré in Uccle (home of the Russian Embassy) into 'Ukraine avenue,' rue Roberts Jones in Uccle (home of Russia's Consular office) into 'Ukrainian Heroes street,' and Meridien street in the City of Brussels (home of Russian House) into 'Ukraine street.'

Lastly, the Della Faillelaan in Antwerp, where the Russian Consulate is located, should be changed to Ukraine street as well.

Recently, two Brussels municipal councillors launched a similar initiative and proposed to change the name of 'Rue de Russie' in Saint-Gilles into 'Rue d’Ukraine.' The 'Avenue de Stalingrad' in Brussels 1000 should also be renamed, but no alternative has been communicated yet.

In the meantime, Albania, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Canada have all renamed streets or squares in honour of Ukraine, while residents of Athens, Washington and Lisbon have approached local councils with the idea.

The campaign website contains links to petitions to rename the streets with Russian embassies and consulates in 53 cities in 34 countries worldwide. The list will be extended further as the campaign develops.

Supporters from all over the world can join the campaign by going to the website and finding an existing petition for their country and/or city, or by requesting the organisers to create a new petition if the city is not on the list.

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