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Household energy subsidies: How to get yours

Household energy subsidies: How to get yours
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Families in Belgium will start receiving the first checks from the government to ease the burden of their energy bills this week.

The soaring price of energy prompted the Belgian government to implement cushioning measures for consumers, including the disbursement of a €100 subsidy for households.

The premium was originally supposed to be paid out in mid-April, De Standaard reports, but the plan was delayed and energy suppliers only recently received the list of customers entitled to the subsidy.

Who qualifies for the subsidy?

Every Belgian household should receive a one-time payment of €100, with the exception of self-employed people who count their energy costs as a business expense and therefore have the contract set up under their company.

The subsidy is per household, not per person. It does not matter what type of energy is used, for example: gas, fuel oil, pellets, etc.

Customers receiving a social rate or using a budget meter also receive the premium.

The premium will not apply to second homes.

How is the premium disbursed?

Customers do not need to take any action to receive the subsidy. Energy providers will pay the amount directly to the customer.

The payment will come from the electricity supplier that the household had on 31 March 2022, meaning if you have since switched to a new supplier, it will come from the prior one. The start date of a new contract should also indicate from which of those companies you will receive the premium.

When will you receive it?

Households will receive the premium automatically before 31 July 2022, though the exact date depends on the energy supplier.

Suppliers will be updating their websites in the coming days with more precise information about their expected disbursement schedule.

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TotalEnergies has already said that all customers who are entitled to the subsidy will receive an e-mail or letter between 30 May and the beginning of July informing them that the premium will be paid. When the premium is actually deposited, customers will receive a text message.

Mega will disburse the payment beginning immediately via the advance or settlement invoice. Customers should expect to receive it by the end of July.

Luminus will begin disbursing the subsidy as of next week.

What if you do not receive the premium?

If the payment does not occur automatically before 31 July, households can request the subsidy via a form that the federal government will make available from 1 August.

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