First victim of syringe attack reported to Pride organisation

First victim of syringe attack reported to Pride organisation
Belgian Pride 2022. Credit: Ugo Realfonzo / The Brussels Times

The disturbing phenomena of syringe attacks seems to have sneaked its way into the Belgian Pride celebration on Saturday.

One victim so far has come forward and officially reported an incident, Bruzz reports, but the Belgian Pride organisation spoke of the potential of multiple cases.

The phenomenon of stabbing unsuspecting party-goers with syringes has been threatening British and French nightlife for several months, and similar stories surfaced in the context of Brussels nightlife.

Unsuspecting revellers are pricked with a hypodermic needle, usually with the intent to drug the victim. On the same Saturday as Pride, 14 people were attacked with syringes during a football match.

Pride seemed to be no exception. Since the first report, the organisation has called on any other victims to come forward.

“Belgian Pride would like to inform you that cases of syringe pricks have been reported to us. If you have been the victim of this practice, we urge you to go to the nearest hospital,” the organisation wrote on Facebook.

No police complaints yet

Though one incident was officially reported to the Pride organisers, no official police report has been made yet.

“That person went to the hospital and has not yet filed a complaint with the police,” said Belgian Pride president Laurent Mallet. “The victim had participated in the parade and was also on the scene in the evening. It didn’t happen in the Pride Village, but around there.”

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Authorities say it may be a little too early for police reports to have come in just yet, but that “any victims may report to the police station closest to their place of residence.”

The Pride organisation is also calling on victims to file a complaint with the police, in addition to reporting the incident to the event organisers. “We are on the side of those affected,” the organisation stressed.

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