Covid-19 cases keep rising in Belgium

Covid-19 cases keep rising in Belgium
Credit: Belga.

The latest figures released by the Sciensano Institute of Public Health on Friday morning confirm that Covid-19 cases are on the rise in Belgium.

2,432 new Covid-19 infections were detected on average every day between 07 and 14 June, which represents an increase of 79% compared to the previous week.

Testing and transmissions

During the same period, an average of 11,234 tests were carried out daily, up 11% on the previous week. 21.7% came back positive, an increase of 6.4% on the previous week.

The reproduction rate of Covid-19 now stands at 1.12. When above 1 this means that the transmission of the virus is accelerating.

Measuring the current danger

The average number of hospital admissions, between 10 and 17 June, was 66.3 per day. This is a 20% increase compared to the previous week.

898 patients are currently hospitalised due to Covid-19, with 47 of them being treated in intensive care.

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Between 07 and 14 June, an average of 5.6 people died from the virus per day, meaning that since its outbreak, a total of 31,856 people have died from Covid-19.

However, this figure includes people who died of another cause of death but who happened to be infected.

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