Runaway wallaby caught by police in Kortenberg

Runaway wallaby caught by police in Kortenberg
Credit: Het Nieuwsblad.

On Wednesday evening, police caught a wallaby on the loose in Kortenberg after it escaped from its owner.

At around 22:15, they received a report of a runaway wallaby in the Flemish municipality of Kortenberg.

As the animal moved quickly, it was difficult for police to locate it. It was only at around 04:00, that a driver found the animal and followed it from a distance until the police arrived.

With the help of 'Animal Rescue Services,' the wallaby was eventually caught in a garden of a house on Meerbekstraat in Kortenberg.

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In the meantime, the wallaby's owner was identified and let it be known that he could no longer take care of the animal.

The animal will therefore be taken into a nature rescue centre by the 'Animal Rescue Services.'

The police is further investigating the circumstances in which the wallaby was able to escape.

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