Media publish an erroneous picture of Belgian kamikaze Brahim Abdeslam

Both the Flemish newspapers Het Laatste Nieuws and the French newspapers La Dernière Heure have published an erroneous picture of Brahim Abdeslam, the kamikaze from Molenbeek who took part in the Paris attacks last Friday. Instead they published a picture of B.O., a young man aged 21. The family of the latter has contacted a lawyer.

When B.O. realized on Monday night that his photo was all over the news, in lieu of that of Brahim Abdeslam - the kamikaze linked to the Paris attacks - he immediately went to a police station in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek to file a complaint against the two media.

According to the local police, the reported facts are accurate, but they do not constitute a crime. Police officers have established an information sheet and told B.O. to contact the media that have caused confusion.

"For the moment, B.O. is completely traumatized, he does not want to come out of his house. His mother and family are in shock as well. We do not know yet how these two media got hold of B.’s picture, and he is not at all related to the Paris attack. We consider that these media have committed a very serious mistake. B.’s photo has also been showed on the news today, on both RTL and RTBF" (two of the French speaking TV channels, Ed.), explains a member of B.O.’s family, who hopes that the media that published the photo will withdraw it as soon as possible. 

(Source: Belga)

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