Belgium in Brief: Queen B coming to Brussels

Belgium in Brief: Queen B coming to Brussels
Credit: Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/Belga

For the first time in seven years, when she brought her 'The Formation World Tour' to the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Beyoncé is coming to Belgium's biggest stadium again – this time for her 'Renaissance' tour.

Wednesday's announcement on the superstar's Instagram page sent the "starved" BeyHive in a flurry, as it has been since 2016 that Queen B headlined a solo world tour.

The tour will begin in Stockholm (Sweden) on 10 May to then come to Brussels on 14 May before making its way across the rest of Europe and from there going on to the United States and Canada.

The pre-sale for tickets will be another test for Ticketmaster, after the sale for the concert tour of world star Taylor Swift was botched as the company's system was overwhelmed by demand and thousands of "Swifties" were unable to buy tickets.

Last month, the US Senate Judiciary even housed a hearing about the situation and named Live Nation a monopoly that hinders competition and harms consumers.

As millions of fans across the world will again be trying to buy tickets, it is only the question if Ticketmaster will fare better this time around.

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