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Where to ice skate in Belgium this winter

Where to ice skate in Belgium this winter
Kristallijn ice rink. Credit: Kristallijn

The freezing temperatures have come and gone (for now), and with the opportunity to skate on a pond or a lake – though it is unclear whether any had actually frozen enough. Fortunately, Belgium has a number of dedicated skating rinks that provide a place to maybe fall down but definitely not through.

Those looking for a genuine skitter across frozen natural bodies of water can make use of this site which lists possible locations in Flanders where skating is permitted at locations deemed safe with thick enough ice. But for those less keen to wait on Belgian weather to conform to their desires, here is a list of all the places you can jump on the ice and swirl around to your heart's content.

People skating on a flooded field in Schelderode, Merelbeke last winter. Credit: James Arthur Gekiere

Permanent ice rinks

Here is a list of ice rinks in Belgium. Opening hours vary so it's best to visit the website before planning a trip. Some prices include skate rental and gloves are always mandatory; most places ask you to show your identity card upon arrival.

Credit: Sport Vlaanderen Liedekerke

Patinoire Poseidon (Brussels)

Right in Brussels and without a time limit, Poseidon is definitely worth a visit if you're in town. The rink recommends that families with children avoid weekend afternoon crowds and go in the mornings. You can go for normal skating or disco skating, just remember your ID!

Prices (including rental skates):

  • 9 € Under 13: €9
  • 11 € Over 13: €11

Visit the website for more information.

Sport Vlaanderen

Sport Vlaanderen is run by the government of Flanders and has sporting centres all over the region. Three of the municipalities with a sports centre also have ice rinks open to the public. These are:

Sport Vlaanderen Hasselt, get your tickets here.

Sport Vlaanderen Liedekerke, get your tickets here.

Sport Vlaanderen Herentals, get your tickets here.

Skating costs €8 per person and tickets are only available online.

Ijsbaan Boudewijnpark in Bruges

For a fun outing with pancakes, hot chocolate or mulled wine in the Ice Bar and fun on the ice, look no further than Boudewijn Seapark. A combination ticket of €21.50 gives access to the rink as well as the dolphinarium for a dolphin show and the indoor children's playground.

For only skating (including skate rental), tickets are €11 per person.

Find tickets here.

Credit: Boudewijn IJspiste in Bruges

Ijsbaan Heist in Heist-op-den-Berg

The rink will have a festive theme until 8 January though the rink (and the ice cream bar) is open year-round.


  • Children under 12: €6
  • Adults: €7
  • Skate rental: €3

For more information, see here.

Kristallijn in Ghent

After 24 December, reservation is compulsory. Tickets can be bought on the spot via the payment terminals, but those paying by card rather than cash must spend at least €10.


  • Entrance and skating: €8 per person

More information here.

Ijsbaan Leuven in Leuven

Enjoy a night of disco skating if you decide to go ice skating in Leuven on a Friday night, or opt for a sweeter time with loved ones with a pancake and skating combo deal. Either way, it will be a fun icy night for everyone.


  • 0 - 3 years: free
  • 3 - 11 years: €6
  • 12 years and older: €7
  • Students: €5
  • Skate rental: €3.50

Find more information here.

Mechelen Ice Skating Center

Booking ahead is advised as the rink can be popular at peak hours. Those buying tickets at the rink directly must pay in cash.


  • Students and children under 12: €7
  • Adults: €8
  • Skate rental €3

To reserve a ticket, see here.

Patinoire de Charleroi (Charleroi) 

For a fun night in Charleroi, why not hit the ice?


  • Children aged 3 to 5: €3.50
  • Children under 14: €5.50
  • 14 years and over: €6.50
  • Skate rental: €3

Find more information on their website.

Patinoire de Tournai (Tournai)

Fun for everyone can be found a 15 minute walk from Tournai Station.


  • Children under 12: €9.50, skate rental: €2
  • Adults: €11, skate rental: €2.50

Find out more here.

Ijsstadion Antarctica (Wilrijk)

An indoor ice skating rink with a little cafeteria overlooking the ice.


  • Children under 12: €8
  • Adult: €9
  • Skate rental: €5

Find more information here.

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