Coronavirus: number of teleworkers quadruples

Coronavirus: number of teleworkers quadruples
Over 60% of Belgian companies are currently teleworking. Credit: Pixabay.

The proportion of employers who have introduced or facilitated working online from home has quadrupled in a week since mid-March, Acerta finds. Due to the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, over 60% of companies now use teleworking.

“The increase is logical because the government’s appeal was clear: bring in teleworking wherever possible,” Amandine Bosseret, an expert at Acerta Consult, commented. “It was only a recommendation at first, now it’s an obligation subject to sanctions.”

For companies already familiar with partial teleworking, the adaptation has been relatively easy. Other businesses have had to adapt, “at the IT level for example, but also regarding work contracts, rules of procedure, uptimes, additional charges,” Bosseret said.

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In view of the current crisis, some companies have had to implement teleworking without having formal guidelines in place, Bosseret noted. Putting agreements in writing is nonetheless essential to preventing conflicts in the workplace. Such conflicts could take effect later when people are already accustomed to this new work rhythm, she added.

Bosseret concluded that the crisis might force a new standard way of working: “Reluctance on the part of employers as well as workers to introduce teleworking could well be overcome following the coronavirus (pandemic).”

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