”Use testing to determine who may go back to work”

”Use testing to determine who may go back to work”
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Belgian minister Philippe De Backer, who has been tasked with the management and supply of Belgium’s Covid-19 equipment, has proposed to increase testing in order to determine who may be able to go back to work as soon as the peak has been reached.

In an interview published this morning in Le Soir, the minister announced that Belgium will in the next few days increase its capacity to 10,000 daily tests, from the current 2,000.

The purpose is not to test the whole population. “Testing 10 million people across the country is impossible”, the De Backer explained. However, instead the minister envisages targeted testing in order to identify those who may already be able to go back to work.

“We will begin with this strategy as soon as the peak of the curve has been reached,” he said. Testing of Coronavirus antibodies, something which is not possible as of right now however, will “furthermore allow us to identify those who have developed immunity. With a simple blood test, the process will only take 15 minutes.”

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