Belgian PM laments lockdown recommendations leak

Belgian PM laments lockdown recommendations leak
Credit: Belga

Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès has spoken of her regrets after a draft version of experts' recommendations for phasing out the lockdown was widely shared in the country.

First published by Le Soir, then widely spread by the Belga News Agency, the leak provided details of the recommendations included in a draft by the Group of Experts for an Exit Strategy (GEES).

"We regret this leak. The challenges that lie ahead are too great to present unvalidated information lightly," Wilmès' cabinet explained.

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The draft report recommended a partial reopening of businesses and shops from 4 May and a return to school from 18 May, as well as other changes on how the lockdown would progress.

"Meetings are still ongoing, including at the level of the experts themselves. Extreme caution is therefore required. The answers will come on Friday; not before," it was added.

This reaction was shared by virologist Marc Van Ranst, who stressed to VRT that this was only a 'draft'.

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