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Grand Place Grows Grass: Photos of Lockdown

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

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After over 2 months of lockdown, Brussels is a city of contrast.

The latest easing of measures has seen parts of the city reopen, as shopping districts are flooded by mask-wearing locals, cafes begin to operate out their doors and lines outside of stores become the new norm

The other side of the city, tourism, continues to be quiet. Grand Place lies mostly empty as the grass begins to grow, train stations lie quiet, the bars closed, and restaurants more frequented by tourists than locals don’t open their doors.

Taken around the start of Belgium’s Phase 2, here are some photos of how the city is adapting to a new normal.

A staff member stands in the deserted Central Station in Brussels. Credit: Jules Johnston


The market on Place Luxembourg restarts, with stall owners taking new precautions for safety. Credit: Jules Johnston


Police patrol the pedestrian zone. Credit: Jules Johnston


Police cycle round the quiet Grand Place zone, bordering on the busy Rue Neuve area. Credit: Jules Johnston


Staff stand guard on Rue Neuve to ensure people obey the one-directional shopping rules. Credit: Jules Johnston


Grass grows on Grand Place, normally one of the busiest parts of the city. Credit: Jules Johnston


The city is peppered by lines outside of stores as shops enforce maximum customer rules. Credit: Jules Johnston


Parks in Brussels continue to draw crowds, despite measures. Credit: Jules Johnston

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times