Cheat-sheet: The new rules for customers returning to bars

Cheat-sheet: The new rules for customers returning to bars

The latest announcements from the Belgian National Security Council have confirmed that the Belgian HoReCa (hotel, restaurant and catering) sector will once again be able to welcome customers from Monday 8 June.

This resumption of service, however, will take place under strict conditions in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading uncontrollably again.

A newly published "guide for a safe restart of the HoReCa" published by the FPS Economy, has set out the rules that need to be followed for customers as the places begin to reopen.

So What Are The New Guidelines For Customers?

Book your visit in advance when possible.

Do not visit any establishment if you show symptoms of illness.

Follow the instructions of the staff and the guidelines posted in the business.

Keep 1.5 metres away from staff and other customers, excluding persons who are part of your group.

Limit your movements to and from your table and the toilets.

Cough or sneeze in your elbow or in a paper handkerchief that you immediately afterwards dispose of in a dustbin with a lid.

Practice good hygiene, and only touch objects you need.

Pay electronically or contactless when possible.

These rules apply to restaurants and cafes, including food and beverage outlets located inside of hotels.

"These preventive measures can be complemented at sectoral and/or enterprise level to take maximum account of the specific context so that the activities can be started in safe conditions," the guide explains, adding that other appropriate measures offering equivalent protection can be taken.

“The indicators are encouraging, as we can see in the daily reports of the figures,” said Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès on the launch of the new phase. “To be honest, it’s looking better than we and the experts expected at the moment. This is the result of the collective effort of all of us,” she added.

“At the beginning, we started by banning everything, there was a kind of lockdown. Nothing was allowed except for some activities. From 8 June, we will be able to reason differently. Everything will be allowed, except the activities that are specifically forbidden,” Wilmès said.

Jules Johnston

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