Antwerp plans to be 83% 'pro-pedestrian' by 2024

Antwerp plans to be 83% 'pro-pedestrian' by 2024
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The city of Antwerp plans to make 83% of its town centre car-free or a low-traffic zone by 2024, according to the latest from Alderman for Mobility, Koen Kennis.

Currently, Antwerp city contains 73 kilometres of roads. Of that, 13% is residential, 28% are car-free zones or areas with restricted motorized traffic. With the planned reorganization of the infrastructure, the city will gain 16% of residential roads and 29% of low-traffic and no-traffic zones by 2024, New Mobility reports.

After 2024, 83% of the city should be a pro-pedestrian area. “Now that stores, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants reopen, we want to make Antwerp really attractive for pedestrians,” explained Kennis.

As for cyclists, authorities recently announced that the city will provide 19 km of additional cycling paths. Most of them will be temporarily laid out before the summer, with the rest expected by September.

Following The City Streets

Slow traffic should be self-evident in a city with a medieval street pattern like Antwerp, according to Paul Cordy, District Mayor of Antwerp. “The installation of residential areas gives pedestrians priority. Still, the streets remain accessible to residents who want to move by car or bicycle.”

A substantial area of the city will become a residential parking zone, where only residents, their visitors, and permit holders, like caregivers and handymen, will be allowed. Those who want to visit the city by car will be guided to large public parking lots.

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