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Temperature will climb to 30 degrees this week

Credit: Pixabay

The sky will be divided between clouds and clear skies but the weather will remain dry on Monday afternoon.

The peaks will be between 19 degrees at sea and in the High Fens and 24 degrees in the centre of the country, with generally light winds, according to the RMI midday forecast.

On Monday evening and the following night, the sky will clear and the night will be calm and untroubled with minimums of 6 degrees in some Ardennes valleys to 12 degrees in the big cities. The wind will be light and without a precise direction or from the east sector.

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Tuesday will be a sunny day and temperatures will reach a high of 22 degrees at the coast and on the heights of the Ardennes at 27 or 28 degrees in the Kempen. The wind will be light to moderate from east to northeast inland and moderate at sea.

On Wednesday, the weather will be very sunny with highs of 23 to 26 degrees in the Ardennes as well as on the coast and 26 to 30 degrees elsewhere. The wind will be light to moderate east to north-easterly.

On Thursday, the weather will remain dry, sunny and warm with highs of 23 to 27 degrees in the Ardennes and 27 to 31 degrees elsewhere, with light to moderate easterly to southeasterly winds, returning to the east to north-easterly sector on the coast during the afternoon.

On Friday, it will be even hotter with scorching temperatures. The highs will be between 26 and 28 degrees in the Ardennes and on the coast, and around 30 degrees elsewhere, with values up to 32 degrees possible locally. The wind will be light to sometimes moderate from the south-east or from a variable direction. On Saturday, the weather is expected to become more unstable.

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