Coronavirus: Belgium named 78th safest country in the world

Coronavirus: Belgium named 78th safest country in the world
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Belgium continues to be hit with negative reviews of its coronavirus preparedness and safety, after ranking 78/200 on another international study.

In the report, which assessed the safety level and risk factor for Covid-19 based on up to 130 criteria - was published by Deep Knowledge Group - "a Hong Kong venture-capital firm specialising in regenerative medicine".

Belgium - which found itself in the third tier of four - was thus among countries considered underperformers based on their pre-pandemic level of healthcare readiness, emergency preparedness and governmental management efficiency. 

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"In other words, Tier 3 consists of territories that should have ranked higher in terms of regional COVID-19 safety and stability, but which for one or another reason did not," said the report. 

Belgium is joined in this group by the United Kingdom and the United States, though both were given more favourable scores by the review, sitting at 68 and 58 respectively. 

Sitting at the top of the list is Switzerland, thanks to "a continuing decline in its rate of infection spread and mortality, and key factors that put it in a better position to maintain a healthy post-pandemic economy". Second place goes to Germany, and Israel third. 

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