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    Four million people caught speeding in Belgium in 2019

    © Belga
    Just like the French Gendarmes, Belgian police officers will soon be able to catch speeding motorists with their radar guns
    © Belga

    There have never been as many speeding tickets issued in Belgium as there have been in the last year – 4,039,038 in total – according to figures from the Federal Highway Police.

    “Compared to 2011, the police found one million more speeding offences last year. Speed is still one of the four ‘killers’ in terms of accidents and yet it is not decreasing,” explained Jean-Michel Tubetti of the Federal Highway Police. Driving under the influence, driving with a mobile phone and forgetting to wear a seatbelt are the three other fatal behaviours on the road.

    “The proportion of those who drive between 0 and 20 km/h over the limit is increasing. Last year it was 88%. This figure is mainly due to speed cameras, which are more prevalent in Flanders. Beyond that, the margins of tolerance have been shortened. Nowadays, we are more likely to prosecute minor speeding offences,” he added.

    Figures showed that 33,431 infringements concerned excess speeding of 40 km/h, leading to the withdrawal of licences. The police even caught 471 drivers at over 70 km/h in 30 km/h zones.

    “The automation of procedures explains the fact that speeding offences account for 4 million of the 5,518,901 traffic offences recorded in Belgium,” Tubetti said.

    The Brussels Times