Belgium's Traffic Light Travel System, simplified

Belgium's Traffic Light Travel System, simplified
Credit: Wikipedia/ The Brussels Times

The newest measure rolled out in Belgium's deconfinement plan is a relatively simple one, the traffic light system letting you know where you can go, where you can't, and what measures will be required if you do.

So without further intro, here's the core you need if you're looking to book a holiday.

Examples include all of Sweden, the UK city of Leicester and parts of Portugal and Spain.

This list - while initially empty - has grown substantially since the system was implemented. The full list - currently ranging from parts of Austria to other parts of the UK - can be found on the website of Belgium’s Foreign Affairs Department.

In theory, this is everyone else. All other areas in the EU, Schengen and the UK not included in Red or Orange are in the Green Zone, but as it says above - just because Belgium allows travellers to go doesn't mean the country is allowing travellers in.

For the latest countries on the list - as of 13/07/20 - click here.

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