Maggie De Block seen wearing Maggie De Block face mask

Maggie De Block seen wearing Maggie De Block face mask
Credit: Belga

Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block, who has made headlines across the country throughout the crisis, is back in the news this week after photos appeared of her wearing an unusual face mask.

While people have worn dinosaurs, moustaches and monsters in an effort to show their style through masks, De Block opted for a mask of her own face.

This photo comes less than a week after Belgium began to enforce the widespread usage of masks in shops, cinemas and several other closed indoor spaces.

In the past, De Block has been reported as sceptical about the use of face masks, saying that they gave “a false sense of security” if the other measures, such as social distancing and hand hygiene, were not respected as well.

However, she also received some criticism for wearing it wrong, as masks are only effective if it covers both mouth and nose.

The mask is an initiative of the catering concept Plein Publiek, which already launched the De Block mask, as well as one with the face of virologist Marc Van Ranst, in April.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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