Belgian Union organises National Day protest

Belgian Union organises National Day protest

The Belgische Unie - Union Belge (BUB) has called for a demonstration on Tuesday, Belgium’s National Day, in support of national unity and against the Government’s handling of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The unitarian movement hopes to see about 300 persons take part in the demonstration, which will be held at the Mont des Arts in Brussels.

“Belgians cannot remain with their arms folded amid the anti-Belgian propaganda, the self-flagellation about our former colony of Belgian Congo, the insults against our Royal House, the erosion of national unity," the movement argued.

Other causes of concern it listed include what it sees as "the serious communication problems between the various level of power of federal Belgium, as highlighted during the Coronavirus crisis."

Further, the protest is being organised against "the deplorable state of Belgium’s public finances and the disdain of the political class for the will of the Belgians,” the movement said.

The demonstration is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Tuesday at the Mont des Arts. It will be a peaceful and static protest, according to its organisers. “We invite you to come with family and friends, and bring along a Belgian flag,” BUB said.

Brussels police said the organisers had received the green light for the demonstration as long as they respect the COVID-19 related measures.

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