Belgium's 6 'Golden Rules': a recap

Belgium's 6 'Golden Rules': a recap

With the news that Belgium will not implement any new measures to tackle the recent flare-up of cases, it's time for a reminder of the rules already in place, as reiterated on Sunday.

“Analysis shows that the upsurge in the epidemic is shown at this stage by several particularly localised problems and not by a general dispersion,” the committee said in a statement, commenting on the rising infections.

“Health figures are therefore influenced by focused epidemiological centres, linked to particular events and/or social circles. Lack of knowledge or less strict adherence to the ‘golden rules’ and barrier gestures are frequently the trigger. At the same time, the indicators on hospitalizations and deaths are stable.”

So ahead of the next meeting 0f the national security council ( scheduled for Thursday) here's a recap of the golden rules at the moment.

As with before, this focuses on the need for personal hygiene, with washing hands regularly and sneezing in your elbow at the forefront of advice.

*If that is not possible, the space used must be adequately ventilated.

If one of the people in your expanded social bubble belongs to a risk group, meaning they are over the age of 65 or have an underlying condition, extra precautions have to be taken.

Previously 10 people per week, the rule was expanded to allow 15 people into the so-called ‘home bubble’ when Phase 4 began at the start of July.

While not included in the initial "Golden Rules" - wearing a facemask when social distancing is not possible was also mentioned by the committee.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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