Heatwave: Belgium faces 30°C for at least a week

Heatwave: Belgium faces 30°C for at least a week
Credit: Jules Johnston/The Brussels Times

Belgians have been advised to take shelter from the blazing sun and heat from Thursday afternoon as temperatures rise to 27 or 28°C in the Ardennes and 33°C in the Kempen, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

The coast will benefit from milder temperatures, with 24°C forecast and a moderate sea breeze. Elsewhere, the wind will generally be light. The evening and night of Thursday will be calm and mild, under clear skies, with 17°C expected during the night and even more than 20°C in the big cities.

Sun and heat will again define Friday as temperatures rise, with 30 or 31°C in the Ardennes and 35°C or more in the Kempen. Winds will remain low except at the coast, where a moderate sea breeze is expected in the late afternoon. Friday evening will remain hot and with 15 to 20°C forecast for the night.

The heat will hold on Saturday, with highs of 28°C at the seaside and 37°C in the Kempen.

The heat will persist on Sunday and for a good part of next week, with the RMI forecasting highs above 30°C until at least next Thursday.

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